Cleaning Services in Red Oak

Are you looking for reliable cleaning service with affordable rates? You can find a good maid with the help of EC Cleaning Co. We’re a trusted name for cleaning services in Red Oak, with a long list of happy customers. We understand how essential it is for you to have a clean space, and our cleaners work diligently to clean every corner of your home or office.


Whether you are looking a residential or janitor for your commercial space or residential area, we have the perfect cleaning solutionOur team member are highly trained and experienced, and they clean your space according to your specifications. They’re also experts at using the latest cleaning equipment and techniques, so you can be sure that your area will be sparkling clean with our high quality cleaning services in Red Oak.

Residential Cleaning Services in Red Oak

Our Residential cleaning service involves various tasks, from taking out the trash to polishing the floor. Whether you need help adopting a standard cleaning routine or just need a one-time deep cleaning, our cleaners are here to help. These types of services are designed to fit your specific needs and busy schedule. Our proficient cleaners use high-quality products and the latest equipment to clean every possible corner of your home.

Standard Cleaning Services in Red Oak

We have designed standard cleaning services for homes that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Our team of cleaners work with you to establish a schedule that fits your needs. They clean your entire home, including the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living areas.

Deep Cleaning Service in Red Oak

If you need a deep cleaning service, EC Cleaning Co. is the business for you. We offer detailed deep cleaning solutions, so you can rely on us for quality services. Residential deep cleaning involves thoroughly cleaning areas that are not regularly cleaned like baseboards, cabinet doors, light switches, etc.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Red Oak

Our commercial cleaning solutions entail coming into a business setting and cleaning all common areas. This can include sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, dusting surfaces, and cleaning windows and restrooms. Our efficient cleaning services work to clean a commercial space quickly and efficiently so that business can resume as usual. You could schedule Commercial cleaning on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We also offer services on a “as needed” basis.

Clean Blinds, and Ceiling Fans

There are some surfaces in the home that are more prone to collecting dust like blinds, baseboards, vents, and ceiling fans. Dusting is critical because it can enhance seasonal allergies. We will clean these areas in your office to remove dirt, dust, and fingerprints.

Follow High Cleaning Standards

Our staff understand the importance of consistent quality cleaning. We follow your instructions to ensure the cleaning meets your standards. When cleaning your commercial space, we leverage the use of safe and effective equipment.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Services in Red Oak

Move-in/move-out cleaning services are a great way to get your new home clean and ready for move-in day or clean up after moving out. If you’re a landlord, this service can be a great way to prepare your rental unit for new tenants. This type of maid service is more thorough than a regular cleanup, as it involves cleaning inside appliances and cabinets. It also includes a thorough deep cleaning of the house.

Appliance Cleaning

Our move-in/move-out maid services clean your appliances, both inside and out. We also clean the area around your appliances, such as the stovetop and oven. We utilize effective cleaning products to cut through grease and old food build up.

Scheduling is Easy

We understand that moving in or out can be hectic, and that’s why we make scheduling our move-in/move-out maid service easy. You can give us a call or book the cleaning online, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Construction Cleaning Services in Red Oak

If you have performed a remodeling of your house or built a new home then our construction cleaning services are for you. Our construction maid services are scheduled on a one-time basis. Nevertheless, we offer a discount if you schedule this service in conjunction with a regular maid service.

High-Quality Equipment

Our top-of-the-line cleaning equipment and techniques allow us to clean your home or office quickly and thoroughly. It includes professional-grade vacuums and products.

Construction Debris Removal

We remove all construction debris from your home or office, including nails, screws, sawdust, and dirt. We are also responsible for cleaning up any drywall dust that may be present.

Rental Cleaning Services In Red Oak

Red Oak offers different types of rental properties like Airbnb, Vrbo, etc., for those finding a place to stay for a short time. Vacation rental cleaning can be a daunting task, especially if you have several properties. Let our tailor-made professional cleaning services take care of the dirty work for you. Our reliable maid makes sure that your rental is spick and span and ready for your next batch of guests.

High-End Cleaning Services

We offer top-notch cleaning services for your rental property so its presented well to customers. Our services are perfect for those who are looking to provide a clean environment to guests.

Attention To Detail

We understand the value of cleanliness when it comes to vacation rentals. We have trained cleaning staff to pay attention to detail, and they make sure that your rental is spotless.

Power Washing Services in Red Oak

Ever seen those before and after pictures where you can’t believe it’s the same dirty space? That’s what power washing services in Red Oak, Texas, can do for you. Whether it’s your dirty patio, driveway, or commercial courtyards, power washing can restore them to their original condition. Our Red Oak pressure washing team uses the latest equipment, techniques, and reliable solutions to make your outdoor areas look as good as new.

One-Stop Outdoor Cleaning Solution

Our power washing company Red Oak is the one-stop for all your outdoor cleaning needs. We use a combination of high-pressure and hot water and chemicals to remove stubborn dirt, mildew, and grime from the exterior of your home or business. Be it a hard-to-reach area or a large outdoor living space, garage, or deck, we can satisfy all your needs.

Safe for Your Property

Our power-washing experts understand how to treat your property with respect and safety. We use the most advanced techniques, including soft pressure and cleaning solutions such as Oxalic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, and TSP, to ensure your property is safe from any damage.

Junk/Trash Removal Services in Red Oak

Red Oak residents can depend on the Ellis County Cleaning Co team for fast and reliable junk and trash removal services. Not just that, our friendly and professional staff make sure you are satisfied every step of the way. We provide an efficient solution to dispose of all unwanted junk and trash, ensuring recycling, reusing, and properly disposing of all waste. Our Red Oak Trash removal team helps you get rid of construction debris, furniture, appliances, and much more.

Safe Disposal Practices

We understand how important it is to protect the environment, so we make sure to adhere to safe disposal practices when removing junk and trash in Red Oak. It includes sorting, recycling, separating, and disposing of waste in the most responsible manner.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Do you want to get rid of your junk and trash without breaking your budget? Look no further; Ellis County Cleaning Co offers cost-effective solutions that are both reliable and efficient. We provide you with the best prices for junk or trash removal in Red Oak without compromising on quality or service.