Construction Cleaning Services Fort Worth, Tx

Looking to build a sturdy foundation for your construction project? Look no further than our top-notch construction cleaning services in Fort Worth, Texas. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to roll up their sleeves and get down to business, leaving no stone unturned and no nail unpolished.

With our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality, we make sure your site looks its best. So why settle for second best when you can have the cream of the crop? Let us help you lay the groundwork for success with our DFW construction cleaning services today.

The Categories that Make Construction Cleaning Services in Fort Worth Stand Out

The best part about Ellis County Cleaning Co. is that we offer comprehensive Fort Worth construction cleaning services. Be it pre-construction clean-up, or progress cleaning, we have got you covered. Let’s look down!

Pre-Construction Cleaning

Ellis County Cleaning Co. offers pre-construction cleaning in Fort Worth to prepare the construction site for the upcoming work. Our construction cleaners use specialized equipment such as air scrubbers, vacuums, and HEPA filters to remove all the dust and debris from the site. We also use EPA-approved chemicals to disinfect and sanitize the area for a safe working environment.

Post-Construction Cleaning

In this service, we remove all the leftover debris, dust, and materials from the site after the construction work is completed. We conduct a thorough cleaning, including pressure washing, floor cleaning, and window cleaning to make sure the site is ready for occupancy. We use high-quality cleaning products and equipment to achieve excellent results.

Pre-Renovation Cleaning

Our pre-renovation sanitation team in Fort Worth is here to make sure your space is ready for the renovation. We eliminate any dangerous materials like lead, asbestos, and mold from the area while also performing a full deep clean of all dust and dirt present on site to guarantee a safe environment for everyone involved with the renovation process.

Post-Renovation Cleaning

When you are ready to move into your renovated space, let Ellis County Cleaning Co. take care of the clean up. Our construction cleaning company in Fort Worth utilizes specialized equipment and techniques designed specifically for post-renovation clean up services. It includes removing heavy debris, dusting and wiping down surfaces, floor mopping, window cleaning, and more.

Residential Construction Cleaning

Our Fort Worth residential construction cleaning services make sure that your home is spotless after any renovation or work has been completed. From pressure washing exterior walls to deep scrubbing of each room, our professionals have you covered from start to finish. We take care of the heavy debris removal and then wipe down all surfaces until it sparkles.

Commercial Construction Cleaning

No more hassle for you! We offer commercial construction cleaning in Fort Worth, TX. From warehouses, offices, and government institutions to schools, we cover all types of commercial spaces for construction site clean-up in FW. Apart from dust and dirt removal, we also sanitize the site, remove stains & molds and make sure the space is ready for occupancy.

Our 3-Step Process For Successful Construction Cleaning Fort Worth, Tx

Our Fort Worth cleaning service for construction offers a three-step process that ensures successful results.

Step#1: Touch Up Construction Site Cleaning

In this first step, our team works to prepare the construction site for the next stage of building. This includes picking up debris, cleaning up dust and dirt, and ensuring the building is safe for further construction or use.

Step#2: Rough Construction Cleaning

The second step of our construction clean-up service in Fort Worth, Tx is rough construction cleaning. It involves the removal of large construction debris, such as drywall and insulation, along with more detailed cleaning of the building.

Step#3: Final Construction Cleaning

In the final step of our construction cleaning, we conduct a detailed clean up. It includes vacuuming and sweeping, window and floor cleaning, dusting, and more. We also work to ensure the building is presentable for use or viewing.

Ready, Set, Clean: Get the Construction Cleaning to Make Your Mark

All the satisfied customers who have been associated with our organization are witness to the quality of service that we provide. You can choose us because:

Your Project, Our Professionalism: Get the Job Done with Ellis County Cleaning Co

Now you are at the right place for a construction cleaning service. We understand that a clean, organized, and healthy environment is essential for any home and business to run efficiently.

That’s why we offer the best construction clean up services in Fort Worth Tx and surrounding areas. No matter how large or small the project is, we are 24/7 ready to ensure that the job is done right.


Most frequent questions and answers

We use specialized equipment such as air scrubbers, vacuums, and HEPA filters for deep cleaning. For heavy leftovers, we have dump trucks. We use eco-friendly cleaning products to make sure that the surrounding environment is not harmed during our work.

It depends on the size of the area and the number of workers we have. Generally, it takes us 1-2 days to completely clean a large construction site.

Yes, it is important to remove all the dust and debris from the site as it makes the space safer to inhabit, and also helps to prevent any potential health hazards from arising. So, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals and let us take care of it for you.