Cleaning Services in Waxahachie

If you want to provide a protected, hygienic and safe living environment for yourself and your loved ones, the proper cleaning of your home is essential. EC Cleaning Co is your trusted partner to get highly proficient and reliable cleaning services in Waxahachie, Texas provided by our trained staff. We have the right cleaning solutions for your residential and commercial spaces. 

Our professional cleaners rely on the most efficient cleaning equipment and techniques to accomplish the process with excellence. Throughout the cleaning process, we prioritize the hygienic standards along with your preferences and instructions. Being a leading residential and commercial cleaning company in Waxahachie, we offer all type of cleaning services. 

Commercial Cleaning Services In Waxahachie

Commercial Cleaning Services In Waxahachie

From small businesses to multi-story office buildings and warehouses to medical facilities, our professional office cleaning services in Waxahachie are tailored to meet the unique needs of every customer.

No matter if it’s about janitorial services, floor cleaning, restroom cleaning, or sanitizing surfaces, we offer comprehensive and reliable commercial cleaning solutions to keep your workplace neat and clean.

Trained Commercial Cleaners

Our team consists of highly trained and experienced commercial cleaners of Waxahachie who have extensive knowledge in cleaning and maintaining all types of facilities. They know what to use on different surfaces and what cleaning solutions are suitable for specific areas.

Reassurance of Quality

The trained cleaners team definitely ensures that your workplace is in top shape, but we also go the extra mile and make sure our clients are 100% satisfied. The after-service inspection ensures that the cleaning is carried out as per the agreed requirements.

Janitorial Services in Waxahachie

When it comes to janitorial services in Waxahachie, Texas, Ellis County Cleaning Co is the cream of the crop. Wonder why? The answer is simple, we take pride in our work and offer unparalleled customer service.

 From small offices to large industrial warehouses and schools to retail stores, our janitors always have an eye for detail. They strive to leave your workspace looking clean and organized. We offer a custom-tailored selection of services to fit your individual needs, whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly in frequency

Janitorial Services in Waxahachie

Comes with Essential Supplies

Our Waxahachie janitors come equipped with essential supplies, such as mops, buckets, and cleaning chemicals, to ensure that every job is properly done. They also use specialized equipment like vacuums and buffers to ensure that your floors look spotless.

Flexible Scheduling

Every business in Waxahachie has different needs when it comes to janitorial services, and we are flexible enough to accommodate them. Our experienced janitorial team is available whenever you need them, whether it’s a one-time job or a long-term contract. In case of emergency service, we are prepared to respond promptly, no matter the situation.

Construction Cleaning Services in Waxahachie

Looking for reliable and efficient post-construction cleaning? Then look no more. At EC Cleaning Co., we have the right expertise, resources, and equipment to provide construction cleaning solutions. Being the best construction cleaning company in Waxahachie, we remove sawdust and sheetrock dust effectively and efficiently. Our cleaners possess quality skills for tackling even complex jobs with excellence especially after construction or renovations in a home.

Covers Everything

We deep clean all the surfaces, parts, and furniture to give them a completely new look. Besides, we sanitize everything by using eco-friendly and non-toxic detergents. Our post-construction cleaning services cover all the parts of your home, including surfaces, furniture, and appliances.

Professional Cleaning Solutions

We ensure to provide highly professional construction cleaning solutions in Waxahachie that target visible surfaces and hidden ones. Our company is known for delivering high-quality post-construction cleaning services

Move-in And Move out Cleaning Services in Waxahachie

Being the leading move-in and move-out cleaning company in Waxahachie, we bring the most professional move-in and move-out cleaning solutions. Our team consists of experienced, skilled, and trained cleaners who manage the whole cleaning process with excellence. Our move-in and move out cleaning service includes a deep cleaning of the home, cleaning inside of the fridge, cleaning inside of the oven, and inside of the cabinets.

Sparkling Clean

Our team of professional cleaners will make sure that your old place is sparkling clean before you hand over the keys and your new home is ready to be lived in as soon as you arrive. We understand how stressful moving can be, so let us take care of the cleaning for you.

Understand Unique Cleaning Needs

Our company understands the unique cleaning needs of every client and provides the services accordingly at the best rates. We will clean every nook and cranny so that you can focus on your move. Get your home clean before and after moving with our move-in/move-out cleaning services.

Garage Cleaning

Often the garage is one of the neglected areas when it comes to cleaning. Our cleaners can address excess dirt, leaves, and trash that accumulate in the garage. We also possess the appropriate tools to remove old cobwebs and dust in hard to reach areas.

Rental Cleaning Services In Waxahachie

We offer Waxahachie tailor-made and efficient rental cleaning services based on your specific needs. Before guests arrive, you need to deeply clean that space, whether for the long or short term stays. At the same time, if you rent out your home, pre-cleaning is crucial. Whatever your cleaning requirement is, we have the right solutions. We can service vacation rentals and make booking a last minute appointment easy on our website. Whether you have an air bnb, a peer space, event space, vrbo, or anything else, we can help to clean quickly and effectively. 

Power Washing Services in Waxahachie

Power washing Waxahachie is the best way to keep your home or commercial property looking its best. Our top-notch services include residential and commercial pressure washing services for patios, driveways, siding, decks, porches, fences, and more. Whether your intense Texas sun has taken its toll on your outdoor areas or you just need a thorough cleaning for the spring, our experienced power washing technicians are dedicated to cleaning your space.

Power Washing Services Waxahachie

Junk/Trash Removal Services in Waxahachie

Waxahachie residents have a reliable source for their junk and trash removal needs; the team at Ellis County Cleaning Co are experienced professionals who provide fast, affordable waste collection service for various commercial and residential properties. We are known for the best junk and trash removal services in Waxahachie, not to mention our tidy, friendly service that always leaves smiles on our customers’ faces.

Effective Disposing of Strategy

We understand that disposing of junk and trash in Waxahachie can be difficult, so we make sure to use the most effective methods like recycling, reuse, and proper disposal. We also provide our clients with tips on how to reduce their waste in the future.

Efficient Clean-Up Solutions

At Ellis County Cleaning Co, we make sure to provide our clients with an efficient clean-up solution for their junk and trash. Our Waxahachie junk removal team is highly experienced in handling large amounts of waste with ease, ensuring that everything is disposed of properly.

  • “I haven’t seen my house this clean since I moved in! Thank you”

    Angelique Oliver Avatar Angelique Oliver
    February 18, 2022

    Excellent response time and they were on top of things! I would definitely recommend them!

    Brandon Shirk Avatar Brandon Shirk
    March 18, 2022

    This company was very professional. My cleaning was very detailed,I’ll definitely use them again. Thanks for the great service.

    Lakisha Anderson Avatar Lakisha Anderson
    March 18, 2022
  • They did a great job on my home! I will definitely use them again!

    Porschia Jackson Avatar Porschia Jackson
    February 18, 2022

    I really appreciate the helpful and professional customer service. I was able to book an appointment that worked for my schedule at an affordable price. They did a fantastic job!

    Gladys Wright Avatar Gladys Wright
    February 18, 2022

    I don't typically leave reviews but in this case it is a must! I called Ellis County Cleaning Co last minute needing my 3bdrm | 2bth home cleaned. I am a mom to a sweet baby boy and was bouncing back from being on bedrest. Needless to say my home had got away from me and needed a deep clean plus organizing. Chan herself answered my call and could hear my cry for help. She advised of the earliest days she could get someone out. When, I told her that I would just do it myself this time...she said then offered to come out herself! She told me she could tell I needed a break! She didn't want me to have to clean...she told me to stop and simply wait for her to show up. So, she and her teammate Brittany came out with in a hour. Now, that's a leader and how to run a business in my opinion. Chan and Brittany showed up in full Covid protocols. Mask, gloves, and proper sanitation. They walked in and asked me where to start & they both got to work. Chan completely did a 360 to our bedroom, master bath, and kitchen. I mean laundry, organizing, deep cleaning, and prepping. Brittany made my sweet baby boy's nursery spotless, neat, and de-cluttered. She also had the guest bath and my office spotless. They both did wood & tile floors, carpets, and baseboards! My house was left feeling cleaning without the overpowering smell of cleaners which is important sense I am asthmatic and have a new baby. The customer service was impeccable. They both communicated the entire service to ensure all desires where being met. Not to mention, a final walk through before even charging my card. In which, pricing was more than reasonable. Sometimes you have to ask for help and as a new mom I needed this! I was able to focus on other duties this weekend thanks to Chan and Brittany coming out last minute on a Saturday. I woke up this morning and just smiled. The sun was naturally peaking throughout our clean home and at that point I exhaled. I will be booking Ellis County Cleaning Co once a month moving forward. I am forever thankful for Chan answering her phone and going above and beyond to service my home.

    Alexandria Douglas Avatar Alexandria Douglas
    February 18, 2022
  • Booked a cleaning last minute abd they did a great job

    Kenneth Minkah Avatar Kenneth Minkah
    February 18, 2022

    I was definitely impressed with Jacky, the cleaning lady. She cleaned a 4,000 sq ft house by herself and did an amazing job. I would recommend the cleaning service to my closest friends and family.

    Laurie Cole Avatar Laurie Cole
    March 18, 2022

    Very professional! Will be using again!

    Zari Zanders Avatar Zari Zanders
    March 18, 2022
  • Cleaners arrived on time and did a great job! They cleaned places that I didn’t even know what dirty

    Ollie Brady Avatar Ollie Brady
    February 18, 2022