What Type of Cleaning Services does EC Cleaning Co Offer in Ellis County & DWF Area

How often do you wish you had more time to clean your home? Whether scrubbing the toilets, doing the dishes, or sweeping and mopping the floors, cleaning can be a real chore. What if we offer a way to take this burden off your shoulders?

EC Cleaning Co is a professional cleaning company that offers various type of cleaning services to make your life easier. We have been providing top-to-bottom housekeeping services since our inception. Now it’s time for you to benefit from all that experience.

Ec Cleaning

Why Do You Need To Hire a Professional Cleaning Company?

You may think that you can keep your home clean on your own. However, it gets harder to keep up with the cleaning as the years go by. This is where EC Cleaning Co can help you out. The advantages of hiring a professional cleaning company are given below:

  • Your house can be cleaned in half the time it would take you to clean it.
  • All the corners and areas of your home will be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Your mind will be at ease knowing that you have a professional care for your house.
  • A healthy environment is a blessing for people with asthma or other respiratory problems.
  • A clean home is the first step to a clutter-free life and a decluttered mind.
  •  Having a clean house will make it easier to sell if you ever decide to put it on the market

What Type Of Cleaning Services Does EC Cleaning Co Offer?

Let’s slide in to see all type of cleaning services we provide in Ellis County.

Standard Cleaning Services

Standard cleaning involves all the rooms in your house, including the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Our standard cleaning package deals with dirt, dust, and grime.

Imagine coming home from a long day of work to a clean and welcoming house. Maid move all the furniture and clean beneath it to make sure your home is crystal clean from top to bottom.

Deep Cleaning Service

Deep cleaning is more in-depth than regular cleaning. It is mostly recommended before or after some events have taken place in your home, like parties, huge family gatherings, or if you have not did the cleaning of your home from a while.

This intensive work isn’t just about making sure everything looks tidy; it also includes thorough vacuuming and dusting with special attention paid around the exterior and inside of your place.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

Ec Cleaning Post Construction Cleaning Services

Whether it is your home or commercial space, post-construction cleaning is necessary because no one wants to move into or work in a dirty and dusty environment. A renowned cleaning company cleans with precision.

It also provides power washing services to eliminate all the dirt and construction left-overs accumulated during the construction process. Moreover, the company also offers window and carpet cleaning services to make your space look crystal clean.

Move-in/Move out Cleaning Services

If you are moving in or out of a home, apartment, or office, Move-in/move-out cleaning services can help out in a way to make your life much easier. It includes cleaning all the rooms, windows, carpets, and upholstery.

This type of cleaning is a bit more intense than a regular cleaning service because cleaners want to ensure that everything is in tip-top shape for either you or the next person moving in and do not forget tip your maids for great work.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services are specifically constructed to meet the needs of businesses and organizations. These services can be customized to fit the unique cleaning requirements of any commercial space, whether it’s an office, retail store, or industrial facility.

We offer an assortment of commercial cleaning services that can be scheduled as per your demand to get a timely clear space. Moreover, our services are affordably priced and will not strain your budget.

Short Term Rental/ Airbnb Cleaning Services

We understand that when it comes to short-term rentals and Airbnb, cleanliness is extremely important to ensure a positive experience for your guests. That’s why we offer comprehensive cleaning services specifically designed for short-term rental properties.

We clean everything from the bedrooms and bathrooms to the kitchens and living areas, ensuring that your property shines and meets the high standards that your guests expect.

Wrap It Up!

Cleaning is extremely important, no matter what type of space you are dealing with. A clean place is the first step in providing a positive experience for yourself, your family, guests, or customers. So if you’re ever in the tough situation of needing professional cleaning services, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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